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Resilient GPS for the Automated and Augmented World

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The Challenge We Face Today

GPS is an ubiquitous global utility in modern society and knowing one’s location and accurate time is critical for government, commercial, and consumer applications. Still, today’s solutions for determining location are inaccurate, slow, unencrypted, and susceptible to jamming and spoofing. These shortcomings make heritage GPS and other government owned systems insufficient for tomorrow’s safety-critical and high-precision applications, a problem TrustPoint intends to solve.

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"We estimate that the loss of GPS service would have a $1 billion per-day [economic] impact."


National Institute of Standards and Technology

June 2019 Report​ "Economic Benefits of the Global Positioning System"

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Pursuing the Future We All Imagine

Our Vision

Humanity, physically connected by autonomous transportation, virtually connected through proliferated networks, secured and enabled by the integrity of its PNT services.

Our Mission

To build the world's most trusted and capable

global positioning and timing service.

"...we’re looking beyond GPS…we need to find alternatives for military use that are more resilient and less vulnerable."


Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

What We are Building

TrustPoint is developing a fully commercial next-generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to provide significant performance, security and reliability improvements for GPS users. These improvements include better accuracy, quicker Time to First Fix, and anti-spoof and anti-jam capabilities, supporting US Government position and timing service resiliency as well as enabling next-generation commercial applications like drone delivery, self-driving cars, urban air mobility, and augmented reality.


The GNSS market is ripe for disruption and TrustPoint intends to lead that revolution with our microsatellite based commercial infrastructure and innovative positioning and timing services.

Key Sectors We Support

Our technology and services go beyond GPS Augmentation and have been developed to address the Position, Navigation and Timing pain points of both commercial and government sectors with an eye towards facilitating the proliferation of nascent applications in autonomous navigation.  

If you are a GNSS stakeholder of any kind and are interested in learning more about our technology and systems, please reach out here

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Autonomous Cars, Trucks and Other Forms of Land Based Robotic Delivery

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Commercial Aviation,  Drone Delivery, and Urban Air Mobility

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Critical Infrastructure

Electrical Power Grids, Telecommunication and Financial Networks

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National Security

Air, Marine, Mounted and Dismounted Applications for the DoD and IC

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Who We Are

Engineers at Work.jpeg

We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs, who seek to solve multidisciplinary problems at the complex nexus of business, aerospace technology and government regulatory constraints.  Combined we have over a 150 years of related defense and commercial experience and have led and held key technical roles in the development of quick turn cubesat missions, where speed and affordability are key, as well as in critical government systems, where security and reliability are king.


We are bi-coastal, with operations just outside Washington DC in Northern Virginia, and at the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA. We are constantly on the look out for new team members and partners, so please do not hesitate reach out if you are interested in joining us on this endeavor.   

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