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Our Leadership.

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Patrick Shannon

Founder & CEO

 Former Vice President of Astro Digital and Satellite-as-a-Service pioneer. Five time satellite program manager, including the Mandrake-2 and Palisade programs. Experience spanning new venture formulation through mid-cap M&A.

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Chris DeMay

Founder & COO

Founder & Former COO/CTO of HawkEye 360, the 2019 SpaceNews Startup of the Year.  Leader in the commercialization of Space 2.0 and smallsats.  14 years US Government (DoD/IC) leadership.

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The Team.

Jeffrey Gick, Founder, Director 

George Schmitt, Signals and Processing Lead

Simon Dawson, Systems Design and Architecture

Dr. Damon Van Buren, Technical Advisor

John Hildebrand, Founder, Advisor

Beau Jarvis, Business Advisor

Rob Zitz, Advisor, USG Engagement

Peter Ruderman, Advisor, Legal and Regulatory

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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